Iran International Aluminum Conference-IIAC2009 , 2009-04-22

Title : ( Springback simulation of friction aided deep drawing process )

Authors: Mehran Kadkhodayan , Rasoul pourhasan ,

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Abstract: In the recent years the friction-actuated blank holding technique has been developed for drawing cylindrical cups. A new technique on friction aided deep drawing using tapered blank holder divided into eight segments has already been proposed. A metal blank holder was designed to be of two layers: stationary layer or base with 5 degree taper angle and moving layer divided into eight tapered segments. The main function of this developed blank holding device is adopting the frictional force between the blank and the blank holder to work in the useful drawing direction. Using this method, successful deep cups with high drawing ratio up to 3.67 can be produced without any defect only in one die set. This paper discusses a finite element analysis of springback and the effects of different process parameters in the friction aided deep drawing process of an aluminium alloy sheet. Effects of different process parameters such as initial sheet thickness, punch profile radius, blank holder force, friction coefficient and hardening models on springback prediction are studied. Simulation of springback is performed by the ABAQUS software.


, Keywords: “Friction aided deep drawing”, “Springback”, “Three-Dimensional simulation”, “ABAQUS /Explicit”.
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