Linear and Multilinear Algebra, ( ISI ), Volume (58), No (3), Year (2010-4) , Pages (323-331)

Title : ( Generaliozations of Bohr s inequality in Hilbert C*-modules )

Authors: Mohammad Sal Moslehian , Rajna Rajic ,

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We present a new operator equality in the framework of Hilbert C^* -modules. As a consequence, we get an extension of the Euler--Lagrange type identity in the setting of Hilbert bundles as well as several generalized operator Bohr s inequalities due to O.~Hirzallah, W.-S. Cheung--J.E.~Pe v{c}ari {c} and F.~Zhang.


, Bohr s inequality, operator inequality, positive operator, Hilbert C^* -module, C^* -algebra, Hilbert bundle
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