Comparative Clinical Pathology, ( ISI ), Volume (16), No (7), Year (2007-7) , Pages (65-67)

Title : ( Cataract surgery in an African lion with anterior lens luxation )

Authors: Kamran Sardari , Mohammadreza Emami , علمی علوی طباطبائی , علی اشکیانی ,

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Mature cataract had caused change in appearance of the eye and complete blindness in an aged African lion. Early surgical removal of the lens is the only effective treatment for mature cataract, and if surgery is not performed soon after maturation of the cataract, total blindness may remain after surgery. The present report describes a mature cataract of unknown cause with anterior lens luxation in a 20-year-old African lion treated by intracapsular extraction of the lens. On clinical examina- tion, immature cataract of the right eye and mature cataract with anterior lens luxation of left eye were diagnosed. The entire lens, including anterior and posterior capsules, was removed by routine surgical techniques described for such a procedure. The lion suffered self-trauma of the eye 48 h after surgery, and three sutures were disrupted. Antibiotic drops and Cefazolin were administrated with extreme difficulty for 1 week. The lion was saved, but keratitis developed in the left eye.


Cataract surgery. Lion . Anesthesia
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