216th ECS Meeting , 2009-10-04

Title : ( Galvanic corrosion behavior of friction stir welded copper )

Authors: Mohammad Hadi Moayed ,

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Friction stir welding (FSW) is a relatively new solid-state joining process which is energy efficient, environment friendly, and versatile1. However, studies on galvanic corrosion of copper alloys joined by FSW are scarcely reported. In the present study, the corrosion behavior of friction welded copper plates is investigated. Identical samples were extracted from base and weld regions. Several DC and AC electrochemical measurements including OCP, potentiodynamic polarization, ZRA and EIS were carried out in conjunction with microstructural examinations. Severe plastic deformation and forging in weld region results in formation of stir bands1. Small round pits, dissolved inclusions (mainly Cu2O), with less than 500 nm in size, are accumulated in stir band area. During FSW, the number of oxide inclusions is increased particularly in stir bands,


, خوردگی گالوانیک, جوشکاری صطکاکی, آیاژ
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