WSEAS CSCC 2010 , 2010-07-22

Title : ( Optimizing Surface Tension in Two-Phase Flow by Levenberg-Marquardt`s Method )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Mahpeykar , Edris Yousefi Rad , alireza mohammadi ,

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Abstract—During the course of expansion of steam in turbines, the vapour first supercools and then nucleates to become a two phase mixture. Formation of the liquid phase causes thermodynamic and aerodynamic losses in steam turbines. Therefore the study of two phase flow is undeniably an important issue. Despite a huge research effort, many uncertainties remain and it is concluded that the predictive accuracy required for engineering calculation is not yet achievable with a theory derived from first principles. The areas that require most attention relate to the properties of small molecular cluster such as surface tension at small droplet sizes, the value of the condensation coefficient and the equation of state for supercooled steam to calculate isentropic exponent whose exact amount is still an issue open to debate. In this article by applying Levenberg-Marquardt’s reverse modeling method for capturing experimental data of shock and it specifies the optimum amount for these three parameters has been achieved that makes possible a better and more precise analysis of two phase flow for predicting condensation in steam nozzles.


, Keywords—Two-phase, Reverse method, Levenberg-Marquardt, Surface tension, condensation coefficient
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