Intelligent Control and Automation, Volume (1), No (1), Year (2010-3) , Pages (15-19)

Title : ( Optimal control strategy for a fully determined HIV model )

Authors: Mohammad Shirazian , Mohammad Hadi Farahi ,

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This paper shows how mathematical methods can be implemented to formulate guidelines for clinical testing and monitoring of HIV/AIDS disease. First, a mathematical model for HIV infection is presented which the measurement of the CD4 + T cells and the viral load counts are needed to estimate all its parameters. Next, through an analysis of model properties, the minimal number of measurement samples is obtained. In the sequel, the effect of Reverse Transcriptase enzyme Inhibitor (RTI) on HIV progression is demonstrated by using a control function. Also the total cost of treatment by this kind of drugs has been minimized. The numerical results are obtained by a numerical method in discretization issue, called AVK.


, Keywords: HIV/AIDS, mathematical modeling, system identification, control theory, immunotherapy
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