Journal of Applied Animal Research, ( ISI ), Volume (37), No (2), Year (2010-9) , Pages (269-271)

Title : ( Morphological Study of Auditory Ossicles in the Mouse )

Authors: Ahmad Ali Mohammadpour ,

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In this research, anatomical descriptions of the structure of the temporal bone and auditory ossicles have been performed based on dissection of ten mouses (Twenty temporal bones). After dissecting them, systemic anatomical description was made and measurements of selected size parameters of auditory ossicles were removed and observed. The auditory ossicles were three bones: the malleus, the incus, and the stapes. The lenticular bone was a distinct bone and articulated with the tip of the long crus of incus. The average of morphometric parameters showed that the malleus was 2.39 mm in total length. In addition to head and handle, the malleus had three distinct processes; lateral, anterior and muscular. The processes well developed in the mouse. The incus had a total length 0.72mm. It had long and short crus although the long crus developed better than short crus. The stapes had a total length 0.56mm. It had a stapedial base with anterior and posterior cruses.The length of two crura were same. The hole of stapes (obturator foramen) was very large and triangular shape.


, Auditory ossicles, Mouse, Morphology
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