Canadian Veterinary Journal, ( ISI ), Volume (51), No (10), Year (2010-10) , Pages (1143-1145)

Title : ( Accidental salinomycin intoxication in calves )

Authors: Arash Omidi , Mohammad Reza Aslani , Mehrdad Mohri , Ahmad Reza Movassaghi , Mohammad Dadfar ,

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Abstract — Twenty-four 10- to 16-week-old calves in a dairy herd in Birjand, Iran, inadvertently received an excessive dose of salinomycin mixed with barley grain. There was 58% mortality within 10 d. The calves had high serum AST, LDH, and CK activities; histopathologic lesions in myocardium, liver, and kidneys; and clinical signs associated with acute and congestive heart failure.


, Salinomaycin, calves, Ionophores, intoxication
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