Acta Comparanda, Volume (21), No (21), Year (2010-6) , Pages (125-135)

Title : ( Rational Pantheism of Hindu and Muslim Thinkers )

Authors: Fayyaz Gharaei ,

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The most famous form of pantheism, in Hindu system as advaita vedānta and in Muslim thought as wadat al-wujd, is a mystical and pure one of the thesis of unity of Being. The exponent of the first is Śa8kara and the second is Ibn Arab. But about pantheism, in these two systems of Hindu and Muslim, there are another opinions which are not purely mystical and try to give a rational analysis of the pantheism. In other words, there are some thinkers of Hindu and Muslim who want to analysis the pantheism with a rational attitude and to give a rational pantheism. These thinkers accept neither the pure polarity of beings nor pure unity of Being. The aim of this paper is explaining of this kind of pantheism as rational pantheism, with a comparative attitude.


, unity of Being, God,
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