216th electrochemical society meeting , 2009-10-08

Title : ( Introducing a new solution for detecting the StSt IGC )

Authors: Mohammad Hadi Moayed , Mojtaba Momeni , Ali Davoodi ,

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Sensitization is a well-known phenomenon in stainless steels which make them susceptible to intergranular corrosion (IGC) or intergranular stress corrosion cracking (IGSCC). Accurate measuring of the degree of sensitization (DOS) is crucial and several methods1-5, have been developed for this purpose including electrochemical reactivation (EPR) technique as a standard procedure1. EPR is a quantitative, nondestructive method which indicates increasing sensitization by increasing C-ratio in 0.5M H2SO4 + 0.01M KSCN solution1. However, improving the EPR resolution, to detect the lowest possible DOS, by either modification in technique3-6, and/or solution constituents6- 8, is of great demand. In this study, a new solution owing better resolution on austenitic stainless steels DOS assessment is proposed. Moreover, replacing KSCN with the new dipassivator, make the new solution more immune with less hazardous effects.


, sensitization, DEPR technique, stainless steel
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