International Journal of Chemical Kinetics, ( ISI ), Volume (43), No (6), Year (2011-2) , Pages (1-6)

Title : ( Chemical Wave Studies in the Bromate–Pyrocatechol Beads System )

Authors: M. Harati , Mohammad Izadyar ,

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We studied the chemical wave activity of the pyrocatechol-acidic bromate system in the presence of ferroin-loaded beads. The wave activity lasted for more than 24 h while meandering spirals continued for up to 10 h. Rigid and meandering spiral waves were investigated. We have analyzed the wave propagation speed and spiral tip trajectory versus the initial concentrations of all reagents as well as the age of the solution. Wave velocity depends on [H+] and [BrO− 3 ] concentrations by the relationship v = k[H+]1/2[BrO− 3 ]1/2, which is in agreement with other studies. This system is ideal to study wave activity and spiral waves as it does not produce precipitates under the studied conditions.


, kinetics, Wave studies, Bromate–Pyrocatechol, Mechanism, propagation, ferroin, Trajectory
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