Biometals, ( ISI ), Volume (23), No (1), Year (2010-4) , Pages (707-712)

Title : ( Clinical evaluation of Deferasirox for removal of cadmium ions in rat )

Authors: Amir SHokooh Saljooghi , S. J. A. Fatemi ,

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An investigation was conducted to evaluate the ability of Deferasirox (ICL670 or Exjade) following the distribution of cadmium salt in male Wistar rats. Cadmium was introduced to several groups of weanling male Wistar rats through different means, by act of drinking, feeding. A control group was fed on a diet containing normal level of iron. After a period of 30 days, all the rats administered cadmium were severely anemic and showed toxicity symptoms through loss of hair and increasing in cadmium and reduction in iron levels in blood. Chelation therapy was carried out to remove the toxic element from the body. The ability of Deferasirox chelator in removing cadmium was investigated this chelator for 1 week to the remaining rats of similar groups. The results showed that the cadmium level present in blood was significantly reduced and at the same time, iron concentration returned to the normal level. It was concluded that Deferasirox chelator is able to remove cadmium from the body and could be used for the treatment of complications and eradication of symptoms of cadmium intoxication.


, Deferasirox, Cadmium toxicity, Chelation therapy, Rats
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