Trends in Organic Chemistry, Volume (14), No (1), Year (2010-1) , Pages (93-106)

Title : ( Chemoselective protocol for O-acylation with a new catalyst )

Authors: Batool Akhlaghinia , Elham Safaei , Paria Larki ,

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Acylation of alcohols and phenols with acyl chlorides using N,N',N'',N'''-tetramethyltetra-2,3- pyridinoporphyrazinato copper (II) methyl sulfate as a catalyst is described. The remarkable selectivity under mild and neutral conditions, and recyclability of the catalyst, are advantages.


, alcohols, phenols, acylation, N, N', N'', N''', -tetramethyltetra-2, 3-pyridinoporphyrazinato copper (II) methyl sulfate
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