10th International Hydrocolloids Conference , 2010-06-20

Title : ( Dynamic rheological properties of sage seed gum as affected by concentration )

Authors: Seyed Mohammad Ali Razavi , C. Gallegos ,

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Wild sage seed is a small, rounded and mucilaginous seed, which comes from Salvia macrosiphon. Sage seed gum (SSG) has shown interesting functional properties which is comparable with some food hydrocolloids like xanthan. Dynamic rheological analysis of SSG in aqueous solution has been carried out by using an advanced rheometer in the concentration range of 0.5-2% (w/w) and constant temperature of 20oC. Frequency sweeps were performed in the range of 0.01-10 Hz within the LVR at a maximum strain of 1%. The mechanical spectra obtained from oscillatory tests were showed typical gel behavior at all concentrations, with elastic modulus higher than viscous modulus and little variation with frequency. Both moduli were greatly increased with increasing the concentration, showing stronger network structure formed in higher concentration. The loss tangent was increased a little with increase in frequency, although it was not affected by increase in gum concentration. Sage seed gum powder could be a useful alternative to commercially available gums when very low quantities of gelling/thickening agents are required.


, Hydrocolloid, rheology, sage seed gum, viscoelastic
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