14th Iranian Physical Chemistry Conference , 2011-02-25

Title : ( Surface Modification of Detonation Nanodiamond )

Authors: MASOUD MOHAMMAD TAHERI , Seyed Abdolkarim Sajjadi , Seyed Mojtaba Zebarjad , Mohammad Hasan Avazkonandeh Gharavol , Maryam Abbasi ,

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One of the major members of nanocarbon family is detonation nanodiamond (DND) that finds more applications in industry. For confirmation we refer to recent reviews [1-3] and a book [4] on nanodiamond materials. One of the primary fields of application is as reinforcement phase in polymer nanocomposites [5]. To insure good dispersion in any media it needs proper surface modification or functionalization [6-10]. The aim of this paper is to study surface modification of DNDs by oxidation in air and concentrated acid treating to generate carboxylic groups.


, Detonation nanodiamond, Functionalization, Air oxidation, Carboxylation.
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