International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, ( ISI ), Volume (45), No (11), Year (2002-5) , Pages (2229-2242)

Title : ( A three-dimensional model of droplet impact and solidification )

Authors: Mohammad Passandideh-Fard , S. Chandra , J. Mostaghimi ,

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A three-dimensional model has been developed to simulate the fluid dynamics, heat transfer and phase-change that occur when a molten metal droplet falls onto a flat substrate. The model is an extension of one developed by Bussmann et al. [Phys. Fluids 11 (1999) 1406] and combines a fixed-grid control volume discretization of the fluid flow and energy equations with a volume-tracking algorithm to track the droplet free surface, and an improved fixed velocity method to track the solidification front. Surface tension is modeled as a volume force acting on fluid near the free surface. Contact angles are applied as a boundary condition at liquid–solid contact lines. The energy equations in both the liquid and solid portions of the droplet are solved using the Enthalpy method. Heat transfer within the substrate is by conduction alone. Thermal contact resistance at the droplet–substrate interface is included in the model. We studied the deposition of tin droplets on a stainless steel surface using both experiments and numerical simulations. The results of two different scenarios are presented: the normal impact of a 2.7 mm tin droplet at 1 m/s, and of the oblique impact of a 2.2 mm tin droplet at 2.35 m/s onto a surface inclined at 45 degrees to the horizontal. Images obtained from numerical model were compared with experimental photographs and found to agree well.


, 3D simulation, numerical simulation, droplet impact, solidification
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