Expert Systems with Applications, ( ISI ), Volume (38), No (7), Year (2011-7) , Pages (8414-8418)

Title : ( Extended decision template presentation for combining classifiers )

Authors: Mohammad Mehdi Salkhordeh haghighi , Abedin Vahedian Mazloum , Hadi Sadoghi Yazdi ,

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In this paper, a new method in classifier fusion is introduced for decision making based on internal structure of base classifiers. Amongst methods used in combining classifiers, there are some methods which work on decision template as a tool for modeling behavior of base classifiers in order to label data. This tool models their behavior only based on their final outputs. Our new method, introduces a special structure for decision template such that internal behavior of a neural network base classifier can be modeled in a proper manner suitable for classifiers fusion. The new method builds decision template for each layer of the neural network including all hidden layers. Therefore, the process of making decision in each base classifier is also available for classifiers fusion. Efficiency of the new method is compared with some known benchmark datasets to show how it can improve efficiency of classifiers fusion.


Decision template Classifiers fusion Classifiers combiner
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