International Journal of Physical science, ( ISI ), Volume (5), No (7), Year (2010-7) , Pages (1050-1053)

Title : ( The stability of mesons near event horizon of black hole )

Authors: Mohammad Ebrahim Zomorrodian , Alireza Sepehri , A. Moradi Marjaneh ,

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In this paper we assert that mesons remain stable near the black hole. Because there is not any effect of quarks inside the black hole on density matrix of individual quarks within the mesons. Next we calculate the total cross section for mesons produced from one black hole. We conclude that the more the mass of the quark within the hadrons, the lower is the cross section. Finally we calculate the resulting information transformation from the collapsing matter to the state of outgoing Hawking radiation for mesons.


, Mesons, black hole, information loss.
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