Indian Veterinary Journal, ( ISI ), Volume (88), No (4), Year (2011-4) , Pages (89-90)

Title : ( Histochemical Characteristics of Cat Molar Salivary Gland )

Authors: Ahmad Ali Mohammadpour ,

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Three adult male cats (range of bw 2-2.5 kg) and approximate age 10-12 months were used. The animals were euthanized and the left and right molar salivary glands were quickly excised and dissected free from adhering tissue. The glands were cut into cubes and were placed in buffered 10 percent formalin fixative in 24 hours. Sections of the glands were stained with haematoxylin and eosin. For histochemical studies, Alcian blue and Periodic acid shiff stain were used.In histological results, the gland was surrounded with a connective tissue capsule. Septa of connective tissue from the capsule extend into the gland and divided the organ into lobes and then lobules. The parenchyma was composed of tubuloacinar units with seromucous nature. Most of secretory units were tubulated and mucous. Mucosubstance histochemistry revealed that all of secretory cells were strongly Alcian blue and PAS positive


, Molar salivary gland, cat, Hiatochemistry
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