E-Journal of New Worrld Sciences Academy, Volume (6), No (1), Year (2011-1) , Pages (206-217)

Title : ( Children as a mail theme in the Shahanameh )

Authors: Mohammad Jafar Yahaghi , Maryam Jalali ,

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ABSTRACT In this paper we focus on the stories of Shāhnāmeh which the children have the dominant role in. The subjects we are going to work on are as follow: To consider carefully the apparent, spiritual, mental and environmental connections, to identify the static and dynamic character, and the protagonist and antagonist of mentioned children. The characters in Shāhnāmeh can be divided in two groups as human (men, women, and children) and non-human (Non-human characters such as lord, angels, animals, nymphs and legendary figures and etc.) characters. 35 sections of Shāhnāmeh are allocated to the children. All children are described based on gender, name, age and social class. Almost all of the characters in Shāhnāmeh stories have a special name. Gender is an important feature in characters, especially for babies. Of course spiritual and mental features and the environment where they have been grown are mentioned and the words are coordinated with mental and social levels. Ferdowsi‟s skill is consistency between characters and environment. These descriptions help the reader for deep understanding. Keywords: Shāhnāmeh (The Book of Kings), Ferdowsi, Children, Elements of the Story, Epic Narration, Characterization


, Children,
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