Second International Symposium of Veterinary Surgery , 2008-04-21

Title : ( Evaluation of rosemary extract on full tickness wounds of sheep )

Authors: N.Taghavi , E.Rezapour , M.Khajezade , Ahmad Raza Mohamadnia , I.Karimi ,

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Wounds are one of the most popular injuries in large and small animals that needs proper knowledge of healing and different agents which are useful in these stages. Different antibacterial, anti- inflammatory agents and food additives as well as herbal agents have been used successfully in wound healing. Regarding reports of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of rosemary extract (Rosemarinuc officinalis) this current study have been designed for a control study in ovine open wounds. Lateral metacarpal and metatarsal region of four female lamb were prepared and by a latin square design four 2 ×2 full thickness wound were induced. Each group of four wounds treated by rosemary lotion, rosemary ointment, ethyl alcohol and ringer solution on days 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 16, 20, 25 and 30 after induction of the wound. All wounds were photographed digitally by a metric scale on treatment days after removing non-adherent bandage. All pictures were evaluated by Scion image software to measure wound contraction and epithelialization in groups under study. On day 30 a histopathologic specimen was collected from all wounds and evaluated histopathologically. No significant changes were recorded between groups under study in wound contraction and wound epithelialization (P>0.05), however the best contraction and epithelialization recorded in ringer solution group. No significant changes were recorded in histopathological findings in number of inflammatory cells, revascularization, fiber alignment, connective tissue and epithelial tissue. No positive effects have been recorded on usage of rosemary ointment and lotion in comparison to ringer solution and ethyl alcohol.


, rosemary, sheep, wound
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