The first international congress of large animal practitioners , 2011-02-23

Title : ( Impact of lameness in Iran’s dairy herds )

Authors: Ahmad Raza Mohammadnia ,

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Lameness is one of the most important threats in dairy industry that cause major problems by consuming time and making expenses for dairy farmers. Lameness has the third position among economically important problems of dairy farming and located after mastitis and reproductive problems, however in developing countries probably nutritional and infectious problems are also preceding lameness. Dairy cattle industry lost are the result of direct expenses like veterinary costs, time, reduced milk production, discarding of milk after antibiotic medications, decrease of body condition and indirect expenses like increase of culling, decrease of reproductive performance, increase open days and increase the risk of mastitis. Although lameness make intensive pain and discomfort for the animal but it doest have the proper position among notify diseases of dairy industry, as it showed reverse correlation between the true prevalence or incidence of lameness and knowledge of the dairy farmers about lameness. One of the most important roles of veterinarians is clarifying the current status of the lameness in the herd and possible economical losses that helps the owner in understanding the situation and contributing in control programs. It is obvious that eradication of this condition in the herd is not possible. The only logical idea is controlling and reducing lameness incidence to reasonable rates. This needs a deep knowledge of lameness and its impact in the herd. This article review the major aspects of lameness and its control in the herd.


, Lameness, Cow, Iran,
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