International Journal of Materials Research, ( ISI ), Volume (102), No (10), Year (2011-10) , Pages (1242-1246)

Title : ( Microstructure evolution in hypereutectoid graphitic steel )

Authors: Seyyed Amin Rounaghi , Ali Reza Kiani Rashid ,

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In spite of excellent machinability and wear resistance of graphitic steels, they exhibit low hardness and mechanical properties due to the presence of a ferritic matrix, soft graphite phase and need for prolonged annealing time. So the matrix evolution of graphitic steel from ferritic to pearlitic, bainitic, martensitic and tempered martensite can overcome to this shortcoming. To achieve this purpose, reaustenitizing graphitic steel has been done at two temperatures (820 ºC and 850 ºC) and followed by different cooling rates. During this treatment, the ferritic matrix in graphitic steel was replaced by other phases such as pearlitic, bainitic etc. which also contain of graphite particles. These transformed microstructures can improve the hardness and mechanical properties of graphitic steel.


Graphitic steel; Microstructure; Ferrite; Phase transformation
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