3rd InternationalSymposium of Veterinary Surgery , 2011-04-25

Title : ( Surgical Treatment of thoracolumbar luxation in a Dog )

Authors: Ehsan Gallehdar , Mohammadreza Emami , mahdi bagheri , Yasser Toossizadeh Khorassani ,

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The thoracolumbar spine is the most common site for spinal fractures and luxations. Luxations occur between Til and L6 in approximately 50% to 60% ofpatient with blunt spinal trauma. Luxations ofthe thoracolumbar spine are classified as pathologic or traumatic. Pathologic luxations generally occur when hereditary or congenital ligamentous instability decreases spinal support (e.g., atlantoaxial instability) or when bone integrity is compromised due to an underlying disease process (e.g., metabolic bone disease, neoplasia). Traumatic luxations are induced by forces resulting in severe hyperextension, hyperfiexion, axial compression, and rotation; often occurring at or near the junction of a mobile and more rigid vertebral segment.A 3-year old, intact male Pekingese was referred to the veterinary hospital of F erdowsi University ofMashhad with a history offalling from third floor. Clinical examination revealed luxation of thoracolumbar vertebral joint, caudal paralysis and urinary incontinence. The dog was prepared for surgical intervention. The anesthesia was intravenously induced with the combination of Diazepam, Xylazine hydrochloride and Ketamine and inhalantly maintained with halothane. A dorsal midline surgical approach was performed to access the thoracolumbar vertebral junction. As a surgical treatment the modified segmental spinal fixation by central and longitudinal pins to the base of dorsal spinous processes and articular facets was performed. Afterward manual physiotherapy was done for a 6-month period. Follow-up during this time showed a progressive recovery in his hind limbs locomotion. Spinal fractures, luxations and subluxations may require surgical intervention but each case should be evaluated individually to determine which method of fixation will be beneficial and moreover the post-operative care play an important role in consequenced results.


, thoracolumbar, luxation, Dog,
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