Progree In Electromagnetic Research-PIER , 2012-03-27

Title : ( A Dielectric Loaded HMSIW H-Plane Horn Antenna )

Authors: Seyed Ali Razavi Parizi , Mohammad Hassan Neshati ,

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A half mode substrate integrated waveguide (HMSIW) H-plane horn antenna with a dielectric load is proposed in this paper. A coaxial line is used as the feed in order to avoid parasitic radiation and high conductor loss. The proposed antenna is simulated with HFSS software and its radiation properties are investigated. Results illustrate that the proposed antenna has marrow beamwidth in both E-plane and H-plane. A 1×4 array of the dielectric loaded antenna is also designed in order to investigate the usefulness of the presented antenna in an array. The antenna is designed for around 28 GHz and all the simulations are done with HFSS software.


, SIW hoen Antenna,
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