Bulgarian Journal Of Veterinary Medicine, ( ISI ), Volume (14), No (4), Year (2011-12) , Pages (201-208)

Title : ( Morphological and histochemical study of guinea pig duodenal submucosal glands )

Authors: Ahmad Ali Mohammadpour ,

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The duodenum is largely responsible for the breakdown of food in the small intestine, using enzymes. Duodenal submucosal glands which in general produce a mucous secretion, exist in all mammalian species. These glands are located in the submucosa of the proximal duodenum. The study was aimed to demonstrate the morphological and histochemical properties of duodenum and duodenal submucosal glands in the small intestine of the guinea pig. The duodenum of 10 adult healthy animals constituted the material of the study. After dissecting them, three parts of duodenum (cranial, descending and ascending parts) were determined. For histological studies, after tissue preparation, duodenal tissue layers and duodenal submucosal glands in tunica submucosa were measured using micrometer method. All of parameters between three parts of duodenum were analysed and compared using ANOVA test. We concluded that, duodenum wall thickness is variable in three parts. It decreases from cranial part (1306.81 ± 132.80 µm) to ascending part (1026.92 ± 80.01µm) and in cranial part was very distinctive. Duodenal or Brunner’s glands were composed of only mucous acini densely packed within the submucosa. The glands were well developed in cranial part of duodenum. There was significant difference in thickness of duodenal submucosal glands in three parts of duodenum and decreased from cranial to ascending part (P<0.001). It decreases from 147.52 ± 22.80 µm to 38.25 ± 12.30 µm respectively. Histochemical examination revealed that the mucous glands reacted positively with Alcian blue pH 2.5 and Periodic Acid-Schiff (PAS) stains.


, duodenal submucosal glands, duodenum, guinea pig, histochemistry
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