English Language Teaching, Volume (5), No (4), Year (2012-4) , Pages (10-23)

Title : ( The Effects of Foreign Language Learning on Creativity )

Authors: Behzad Ghonsooly , Sara Showqi ,

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The present study investigates the possible influence of foreign language learning on individuals’ divergent thinking abilities. Unfortunately, unlike the large body of research devoted to cognitive effects of bilingualism, foreign language learning has gained little attention. Similarly, whereas some studies have asserted the positive effect of bilingualism on creativity, foreign language learning has been again ignored. Hence, this study aimed at bringing into attention the distinctive nature of foreign language learning which deserves a separate line of investigations. To this end, controlling age, gender, socioeconomic status, and other previous learning experiences, the performance of advanced foreign language learners and monolinguals were compared on the Torrance Test of Creative Thinking. The findings revealed that mastering a foreign language to an advanced level significantly enhances all four divergent thinking abilities, i.e., fluency, elaboration, originality and flexibility.


Creativity; Divergent Thinking; Foreign language learning; monolinguals
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