Annals of Functional Analysis, ( ISI ), Volume (2), No (2), Year (2011-9) , Pages (75-84)

Title : ( Some results on σ-DERIVATIONS )

Authors: امین حسینی , محمود حسنی , Assadollah Niknam , Shirin Hejazian ,

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Abstract. Let A and B be two Banach algebras and let M be a Banach B-bimodule. Suppose that σ : A → B is a linear mapping and d : A → M is a σ-derivation. We prove several results about automatic continuity of σ- derivations on Banach algebras. In addition, we define a notion for m-weakly continuous linear mapping and show that, under certain conditions, d and σ are m-weakly continuous. Moreover, we prove that if A is commutative and σ : A → A is a continuous homomorphism such that σ 2 = σ then σdσ(A) ⊆ σ(Q(A)) ⊆ rad(A).


, σ-derivation, derivation, m-weakly continuous linear
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