22nd Iranian Algebra Seminar , 2012-01-31

Title : ( Factorization Problem for topological groups )

Authors: Rajab Ali Kamyabi Gol , N. Tavalaei ,

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We discuss the factorization problem on topological groups. We focus on the topological aspect of the problem and give a necessary condition for a topological group G to be the the semidirect product of two closed subgroups. Also, we show that if G = K o H, then the integral of a measurable function on G can be obtained by calculating an iterated integral on K and H. Moreover, G=H has a relatively invariant Radon measure  and Lp(G=H) is isometrically isomorphic to Lp(K) when G=H is attached to .


, homogeneous space, rho-function, relatively invariant measure, strongly quasi-invariant measure, semidirect product group.
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