International Journal of Social Science Tomorrow, Volume (1), No (2), Year (2012-4) , Pages (1-6)

Title : ( Exploring Metadiscourse Markers in Persian News Reports )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Hashemi , Seyyed Ehsan Golparvar ,

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This research attempts to examine textual and interpersonal metadiscourse used in Persian news reports. In order to carry out this research project 20 news reports were selected by dint of random sampling from a corpus of 38 news reports taken from 5 Persian news agencies. To investigate metadiscourse markers, Vande Kopple’s (1985) original classification system for metadiscourse or metatextual functions based on Halliday’s functions of language was utilized. Sample Persian equivalents for Kopple’s metadiscourse markers were suggested by the researcher. The findings indicated that metadiscourse markers are quite frequent in Persian news reports suggesting their importance in this genre. Moreover, this study revealed that there are more instances of textual metadiscourse markers in comparison with interpersonal metadiscourse markers. Finally, this research endeavor demonstrated that text connectives, narrators, and commentary markers are more abundant than other kinds of metadiscourse.


, Metadiscourse, Textual Markers, Interpersonal
برای دانلود از شناسه و رمز عبور پرتال پویا استفاده کنید.

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