Acta Comparanda, Year (2007-6)

Title : Love as the Fundamental Origin of Tolerance ( Love as the Fundamental Origin of Tolerance )

Authors: Fayyaz Gharaei ,

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Love as the Fundamental Origin of Tolerance The concept of Love has influenced almost every culture in history of the World, East and West, Primitive and complex. The element of love has been a motivational force in the shaping of culture in the both ideological and behavioral aspects of human civilization, and it has been the most important principle for tolerance between religions .It has been a basic element in the human creations of almost every form of human activity, in religion and arts, literature and music, dance and drama, peace and dialog, philosophy and mysticism. On the other hand, love is the original element of mysticism, and consequently mystics of all religions, always have been the messengers of peace and tolerance, and have extinguished the fire of fanaticism and harshness. This paper discusses the mystical love ( Divine Love ) in the opinions of two great mystics of Hindu and Muslim culture.


, love, Hindu, Muslim
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