Journal of Energy Resources Technology-ASME, ( ISI ), Volume (134), No (1), Year (2012-6) , Pages (24501-24501)

Title : ( Simulation of Gas Pipeline Leakage Using Modified Characteristics Method )

Authors: ehsan nourollahi , Asgar Bradaran Rahimi , Ehsan Davarpanah ,

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The process of pressure reduction and gas leakage rate (discharge characteristics) of a hole has so far been accomplished by utilizing some zero-dimensional models. In these models the effects of complex boundaries are ignored. The major aim of this study is simulating the process of pipeline gas leakage by the aid of a modified one-dimensional characteristics model. This model, beside the possibility of modelling the impact of leakage on one-dimensional compressible flow, benefits from introducing a variety of boundary conditions to flow zone. In this approach hole is considered as an orifice which makes a path for gas to release in a lower pressure ambient. Also in this study the effects of four kinds of boundary conditions at the ends of the pipeline on gas discharge characteristics are investigated.


, leakage, gas pipeline, characteristics method
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