Edinburgh Working Papers in Applied Linguistics, Volume (4), No (3), Year (1993-10) , Pages (54-62)

Title : ( development and validation of a translation test )

Authors: Behzad Ghonsooly ,

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Translation testing methodology has been criticized for its subjective character. No real strides have so far been made in developing an objective translation test. In this paper, certain detailed procedures including various phases of pretesting have been performed to achieve objectivity and scorability in translation testing methodology. In validating the newly-developed objective translation test, the following research questions are asked: 1) what is the reliability of scores of the translation test and how does it compare with the criterion measure; 2) what is the concurrent validity of the test and the criterion measure? And 3) are there any factors such as underlying constructs that the translation test and each subtest of the criterion measure may assess? Results showed significant reliability for the test.


, translation test, objectivity, scorability, construct validity, factor analysis
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