1st National conference Elt in Iran , 2012-05-21

Title : ( An overview of the necessity of elt in elementary schools of iran )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Pahlavannezhad , ELham Akhlaghi Baghoojari ,

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English is the most commonly studied foreign language used for wider communication in business and scholarly exchange in Iran and with no doubt it is lingua franca in the global village. So we should develop our policy to start English instruction at elementary schools of Iran to instill an international perspective into students, best utilize students’ critical period in language learning, optimize the timing of the implementation of the new curriculum and follow the trend of the new era. This research provides reasons for the necessity of ELT in elementary schools of Iran. It also mentions the problems concerning this matter. This study then proposes a plan for this curriculum. Finally, you can see the results of proficiency assessments of six Persian learners of English and found that those who start learning English during elementary schools had the highest probability of being judged native like. Findings indicate that while certain variables significantly advance adult acquisition, they alone do not guarantee native like attainment.


, Elt, elementary School level, foriegn langauge, persian learners
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%T An overview of the necessity of elt in elementary schools of iran
%A Pahlavannezhad, Mohammad Reza
%A Akhlaghi Baghoojari, ELham
%J 1st National conference Elt in Iran
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