Petroleum and Coal, Volume (52), No (1), Year (2010-11) , Pages (50-55)

Title : ( A New Correlation For Prediction of Undersaturated Crude Oil Viscosity )

Authors: Reza Abedini , A.Abedini , Nesarak Eslamiyakhforouzan ,

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Viscosity is one of the most important governing parameters of the fluid flow, either in the porous media or in pipelines. So it is of great importance to use an accurate correlation to calculate the oil viscosity at various operating conditions. Whenever laboratory data are obtained, efforts are made to find a best-fit correlation, because demand for mathematical equation of fluid flow for reservoir simulation, pressure traverse calculation and so on compel the person to use empirical and semi-empirical correlations to find viscosity at various points of the flow path (along which T, P, Rs and other parameters may vary). In the literature, several empirical correlations have been proposed for predicting undersaturated oil viscosity. Here, based on Iranian oil reservoirs data; new correlation has been developed for prediction of undersaturated oil viscosity. Validity and accuracy of this correlation has been confirmed by comparing the obtained results of this correlation and other ones with experimental data for Iranian oil samples. Checking the results of this correlation shows that the obtained results of Iranian oil viscosities in this work are in agreement with experimental data compared with other correlations.


, Oil Viscosity, Correlation, Undersaturated, Saturated, Dead, API gravity.
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