International Journal of Food Engineering, ( ISI ), Volume (6), No (2), Year (2010-3) , Pages (1-5)

Title : ( Milled Rice Quality Assessment )

Authors: Reza Farahmandfar , Esfandiyar Farahmandfar , Mahdi Ghasemi Varnamkhasti , Mahdi Zarei ,

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Milling, an important processing step of rough rice, is usually done to produce white, polished grains. In this paper the quality of 22 milled rice varieties, common in Mazandaran, Iran, are investigated. These rice varieties included local varieties and breeding lines. Parameters assessed were head rice yield, degree of milling, husk removed percent, and total milling recovery. Results obtained revealed that the Tarom Mahali and Champa varieties have the highest head rice yield as 60.58 and 66.39 % and total milling recovery as 69.96 and 71.38 %, respectively. The greatest degree of milling value was found for the Haraz variety with a mean of 16.06 %. Also, it was found that the husk removed percent values were not statistically different among the varieties studied. Finally, considering all results obtained, the varieties of Tarom Mahali, Champa, and Neda showed to be more economical in the milling process.


rice; paddy; milling; head rice yield; degree of milling
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