16th IVRA meeting and EVDI annual meeting 2012 , 2012-08-26

Title : ( B-mode Ultrasonography of the Normal Eye in Persian Cats )

Authors: Ali Mirshahi , shahrzad shafigh , Mohammad Azizzadeh ,

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Introduction Ocular ultrasonography is a routine procedure in veterinary ophthalmology to evaluate the intraocular structures of the eyes, especially when severe swelling of the eyelid, keratitis, cataract and intraocular hemorrhage prevent direct ophthalmic examinations.1-3 To the best of our knowledge no study has documented Persian cat ocular biometry. Aim The purpose of this study was to describe the normal ultrasonographic biometry of Persian cat’s eyes using B-mode ultrasonography. Materials and methods Twenty healthy adult Persian cats with no history of previous ophthalmic disease (11 male and 9 female) with average weight of 3.015 kg were examined. Ultrasonographic examination was performed using an 8 MHz linear transducer, Pie medical ultrasound machine, transpalpebrally. Ocular biometry of the left and right eyes was evaluated by B-mode ultrasonography. Comparison of average of measurements between left and right eyes and between vertical and horizontal approach performed using paired sample t test. Result Mean ± standard deviation of ocular structures of 40 eyes for corneal thickness, anterior chamber, lens thickness, vitreous chamber and anterior to posterior dimension of the globe were 0.233±0.037, 4.140± 0.667, 7.718±0.534, 8.214±0.386 and 20.693±0.972 millimeter, respectively. No significant difference was found between the ocular biometry of the left and right eyes and horizontal and vertical approach. Discussion / Conclusion Regarding to the high rate of referred ocular problems in Persian cats, the present study provide baseline information for further clinical investigations of ocular abnormalities using B-mode ultrasonography. REFERENCES 1. Gonzalez EM, Rodriguez A, Garcia I. Review of ocular ultrasonography. Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2001; 42: 485–495. 2. Herna´ndez-Guerra AM, Rodilla V, Lo´ pez-Murcia MM. Ocular biometry in the adult anesthetized ferret (Mustela putorius furo). Veterinary Ophthalmology 2007; 10: 50–52. 3. Matton JS, Nyland TG. Small Animal Diagnostic Ultrasound. W.B.Saunders Company, Philadelphia, 2002.


, B-mode Ultrasonography, Normal, Eye, Persian Cats
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