Journal of Geophysics and Engineering, ( ISI ), Volume (9), No (10), Year (2012-10) , Pages (632-641)

Title : ( Frequency–amplitude range of hydrocarbon microtremors and a discussion on their source )

Authors: Hadi Gerivani , E. Haghshenas , Naser Hafezi Moghaddas , Mohammad Ghafoori , Gholam Reza Lashkaripour ,

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Recently, some studies have suggested using ambient noise as a tool for hydrocarbon reservoir investigation. This new passive seismic technique, named HyMas, is based on the positive energy anomaly in data spectra between 1 to 6 Hz for microtremor measurements over reservoirs, which are called hydrocarbon microtremors. Despite the acceptable results obtained by the HyMas technique, there are many unknowns, especially concerning the source and generation mechanism of hydrocarbon microtremors and the relations between reservoir characteristics and the attributes of hydrocarbon microtremors. In this study we tried to find the relations between reservoir characteristics, including fluid content and depth, for 12 sites around the world with hydrocarbon microtremor attributes, including peak amplitude and frequency. Based on the power spectral density curves of these 12 reservoirs, a frequency–amplitude range is also proposed as a criterion for separating hydrocarbon microtremors from local noise not related to reservoirs. Finally, the source of the hydrocarbon microtremors is discussed and tidal displacement is suggested as a probable agent for the generation of these anomalies.


, hydrocarbon, reservoir, microtremors, ambient noise, passive geophysics
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