15 WCEE , 2012-09-24

Title : ( Ambient noise study over a gas field in Qeshm Island )

Authors: Hadi Gerivani , E. Haghshenas , Naser Hafezi Moghaddas , Fateme Rajaie ,

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Recently, some anomalous signals have been reported over the hydrocarbon reservoirs during the microtremor studies around the world. After a relatively destructive earthquake happened in Qeshm Island, a seismological survey including 17 stations have been carried out in this island and ambient noise recorded for a period of 3 month. In this survey, one of the stations was located over a gas reservoir which has 4 main peaks of amplitude. In this paper, we tried to compare these 4 peaks of the station over reservoir with other stations and find out if there are any differences between them which probably related to reservoir. Study showed, observed peaks of amplitudes are not related to gas reservoir.


, Microtremor, Qeshm Island, Hydrocarbon.
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