The 9th congress of the Iran national Rubber (IRNC) , 2008-11-18

Title : ( Development a new tyre tread )

Authors: Saeed Ostad Movahed , A. Ansarifar , Mo Song ,

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To challenge Michelin’s Green tire, a new tire tread formulation was developed by means of silanized pre-treated silica nanofiller. The silica surfaces were pre-treated with bis[3-triethoxysilylpropyl]tetrasulfane (TESPT) to chemically bond silica to rubber. With employment of a new novel mixing technique, several SBR/BR (75/25 by mass ratio) blends with different mixing times and mixing temperatures were prepared and cured. Interphase characteristics ( it’s amount and distribution of rubbers in interphase) of all blends along with a wide range of physical and dynamic properties were measured. It emerged that with 50% less filler and 44% less curing chemicals consumption, new developed treads showed absolutely better physical and dynamic properties comparing with Michelin’s Green tire.


, Rubber, Silanized silica, Nanofiller, Tire tread
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