Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences, ( ISI ), Volume (2), No (10), Year (2012-10) , Pages (514-522)

Title : ( A Strategy for Sustainable Development in Urban Areas )

Authors: Mohammad Rahim Rahnama , Mohammad Ajza Shokouhi , behrooz shakiba , ramezan ali naderi maivan , ataallah zaferanlou ,

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This paper using the concepts of linear programming, tried to provide a heuristic method for determining the most appropriate strategy. In this paper, strategies have divided into three levels of national strategy, provincial strategies and urban areas strategies, and the main objective was limited to urban areas strategies. In this paper the main target strategy has been chosen among 11 defined strategies. The most appropriate strategy selected was modeled based on the data and the methods described for data extraction. Initially strategies introduced in sustainable development of urban areas were extracted and listed and then variables were determined based on available literature on common principles in urban development programs. Defined variables include housing prediction, social - cultural and recreation facilities, reducing losses due to population density in urban centers, distribution of new investments in the region, and preventing uncontrolled expansion of cities. Strategies were limited into growth pole strategy and development centers, small and medium cities strategy, new towns strategy, development of backward areas strategy, resources identification strategy, relative preferences strategy, domestic judicial sector balancing strategies, strategy for decentralization in decision making particularly in the field of regional development, strategies to attract foreign technology and capital investments, strategy for tourism industry development and its spatial reflection,strategies to compliance with environmental issues and achieve sustainable development in the country. In themodeling process, regardless of the unique definitions of strategies, variables were considered identical for all applied strategies.


, Sustainable development strategy, urban development strategy, stability and instability.
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