Iranian EFL Journal, Volume (8), No (6), Year (2012-12) , Pages (346-360)

Title : ( A Pioneer in Off-Off Broadway Drama )

Authors: Rajabali Askarzadeh Torghabeh ,

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Abstract Off-Off-Broadway drama is a movement after Off-Broadway drama and its playwrights dramatize instability of the characters and discontinuity of their language. These playwrights depict characters that refashion themselves and improvise their identities. One of the most prominent and prolific playwright of this movement is Sam Shepard. His characters, like most of the plays written by his contemporaries in this kind of drama, is “unfixed” and “fragmented”, or are in “state of crisis.” His characters’ language is also fragmented and fractured and they inhabit different roles and selves and fragment during the course of the play. Since Shepard has also been under the influence of Joseph Chaikin and his movement, his characters go under transformations, fluctuate during the play and adopt several roles to speak several languages which are juxtaposed and superimposed simultaneously; languages, which are a range of borrowings, fragmentary and pieced together. This article studies the playwright and his plays.


, Keywords: Off-Off Broadway, Dramatic literature, Fragmentation and transformation of character and language
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