The 2nd Symposium of Medicinal Plants , 2005-01-26

Title : ( Essential Oils and Their medical Importance )

Authors: Monireh Cheniany ,

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Aromatherapie is one of branches of medicine. Its base is medical effects of essential oils. Although the application of this term concerns new period, the use of essential oils as a kind of treatment or even in corpses mummifying has being used for long time ago. The application of this compounds could be in two forms: Internal and External. Internal way contains oral, inhalatia, vaginal and rectal. External way includes massage, aromatic bath, aromatic compresses and pulversation. This compounds can perform their effects in two ways: causing pharmacologic effects after absorbing in blood stream, stimulating effects on smelling. Some of the most important effects of essential oils are: disinfecting antibacterial and ant fungus antidepression soothing, etc. Some plants of labiatae, umbeliferae and compositae families are full of essential oils and they are native plants of arid and semi-arid regions.


, Essential Oils, Medicinal Importance.
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