Life Science Journal, ( ISI ), Volume (1), No (10), Year (2013-1) , Pages (695-701)

Title : ( Abdaliyah thesis by molana yaghoob charkhi )

Authors: Nader Karimyan , Mohammad Taghavi , Sayed Hosein Fatemi , Abdollah Radmard ,

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Abstract: Abdalieh Thesis is a prominent and original work of Molana Yaghoob Charkhi (died 851 AH). This is a theosophical thesis about properties of saintly individuals alluding to their high ranking and position. He me ntioned Khajeh Bah-al-din Naghshband and Ala-ul-din Atar in this writing. Charkhi explained the position of saintly individuals in reference to theosophical works such as Kashfe-a-Mahjob by Hajwiri. He mentioned a narration left from Soltan Mahmud Ghaznavi era to substantiate the high position of saintly individuals. Charkhi classified saintly individuals in his thesis by taking note from a narration from Prophet Mohammad (S). He provided a detailed account of the special properties of Qutb and Abdal.Abdalieh Thesis as specifically written about the position, qualities, properties, and characteristics of Abdals. Before Charkhi, Ebin Arabi wrote detailed accounts of Abdals and elaborated on their qualities. This article covers the life and works of Charkhi. It pays special attention to the significance and value of Abdalieh Thesis to reveal the significant literary and mystical position of Charkhi.


, Abdalieh Thesis, Molana Yaghoob Charkhi, Saintly Individuals, Abdal, Theoretical Theology, Naghshbandeh Theosophy
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