Second international congress of large animal Practitioners , 2013-02-27

Title : ( A report of successful treatment of tetanus in a kid )

Authors: mohamad aghababaie , Hadi Samadie , Syed Ali Reza Taghavi razavizadeh ,

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Objectives: Tetanus is an infectious disease caused by bacillus clostridium tetani. The spore of the bacteria is found widely in both soil and animal feces. Goats are very susceptible to the disease. The veterinarians often visit the tetanic animals in its final stage, so they can not treat them. The main aim of this paper is that the only approach in visiting a tetanic animal is not always euthanizing the animal but also in dependent of the animal conditions, it is possible to keep alive it by using of tetanus antitoxin, a muscle relaxant, an antibacterial ,and some supportive drugs. Materials & Methods: A female kid with the age of two months is referred to the veterinary clinic of Ferdowsi University. The farmer’s complaint was rigid walking, hyperesthesia, anorexia and inability of sucking milk. In clinical examinations, body stiffness, especially in shoulder area, muscles tremor, trismus, prolapse of third eyelid, enophthalmia and ear erection were revealed. The respiratory and heart rate were elevated to 66 breaths and 110 beats per minute respectively. Due to the history, clinical findings, tetanus was diagnosed and treatment was initiated and recommended to keep the kid isolated, quiet, and in darkened surroundings. Results & Conclusion: When this spore-forming rod is confined to an oxygen-deprived area, such as a deep puncture wound, some potent neurotoxins are released. Among them, tetanospasmin has the most important role in the clinical signs. Therefore, there is a history of injury or wound in the affected animals. In our case, horn fracture had occurred about two weeks before referring and for solving the problem, the farmer had been put a hot iron and rubbed some unstrile oils on the injured horn without using any disinfectant substances. In the flock, because of the listed history, only one case had involved. When some practices such as castration, tail ducking and dehorning, are done in dirty and unsanitary conditions, the epidemic shape of the disease is observed in the flock. Acepromazine 5% (0.1 ml, IM), saline- dextrose solution( 250 ml, IV) ,ceftiofur sodium (2.2 mg / kg, IM) and tetabulin (1000IU,IM) were used for treatment. By following up the case, recovery has been recorded about one week later. Because tetanus anti-toxin is not usually effective once the toxin has reached the spinal cord, injecting it immediately is vital if the goat is to have any chance of surviving.


, Tetanus, kid, treatment
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