Physica C, ( ISI ), Volume (353), No (1), Year (2001-11) , Pages (77-84)

Title : ( Thermoelectric power and resistivity of Nd1-xPrxBa2Cu3O7-d )

Authors: Shaban Reza Ghorbani , P. Lundqvist , M. Andersson , M. Valldor , O. Rapp ,

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The structural and transport properties of Nd1-xPrxBa2Cu3O7-d (x=0, 0.05, 0.10, and 0.15), have been studied by X-ray powder di€raction, electrical resistivity measurements, and thermoelectric power measurements. The decrease of the superconducting critical temperature with doping is described by a parabolic term and a linear term. The c-axis lattice parameter and the cell volume decrease with doping up to x ˆ 0:10. Analyses of the thermoelectric power, critical temperature, c-axis lattice parameter, and the cell volume suggest that the Pr ions have a valence close to ‡4 at low doping concentration. The room temperature resistivity indicates that hole concentration decreases with increasing Pr doping. The room temperature thermoelectric power is positive for all samples and increases with increasing Pr doping due to a decrease in the carrier concentration. We analyzed the thermoelectric power as a function of temperature with a two-band model with an additional linear T term. An excellent agreement between model and data was obtained. The band width of the narrow band increases and its peak position moves away from the Fermi energy with increasing doping concentration.


, Thermoelectric power; Nd1, xPrxBr2Cu3O7, d; Hole concentration
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