Sustainable Agriculture Reviews, Volume (12), No (127), Year (2013-4) , Pages (119-142)

Title : ( Intercropping )

Authors: E. Neamatollahi , M. R. Jahansuz , D. Mazaheri , Mohammad Bannayan Aval ,

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For increasing land use efficiency and weed suppression intercropping plays a pivotal role. The evolution of natural ecosystems is controlled by a high level of biodiversity, in sharp contrast, intensive agricultural systems involve monocultures associated with high input of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Intensive agricultural systems have clearly negative impacts on soil and water quality and on biodiversity conservation. Alternatively, cropping systems based on carefully designed species mixtures reveal many potential advantages under various conditions, both in temperate and tropical agriculture. Intercropping systems are diverse and may include annual and perennial crops on a gradient of complexity from 2 to n crops. A literature survey shows potential advantages such as higher overall productivity, better control of pests and diseases, enhanced ecological services and greater economic profitability. This review paper shows relationship between plants in intercropping for better understanding and designing fitness intercropping systems.


, Intercropping, Mazaheri’s LER Table, Unilateral cooperation (Neamatollahi’s difinition), Unilateral inhibition (Neamatollahi’s definition)
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