Language in India, Volume (13), No (5), Year (2013-1) , Pages (16-24)

Title : ( The Study of Onomatopoeia in the Muslims’ Holy Write: Qur’an )

Authors: Hosein Seyedi , ELham Akhlaghi Baghoojari ,

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Onomatopoeia, the imitative making of words from natural sounds, is a common phenomenon found in all languages of the world. The study of onomatopoeias is, however, inadequate considering its importance in the development of language. The present study provides a descriptive account of onomatopoeias in Muslim’s sacrosanct book, Qur’an. Qur’an is important for Muslims, because as per Islam it is the holy book of Islam religion and Allah’s words revealed to prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through the Angel Gabriel (Jibril). It has 114 surah and 77701 words. The results show that there are just 9 onomatopoeic words in Qur’an. We can argue that this is because of the diversity of the tribes in the time of Islam’s advent and the dialectical differences between them. And also translating onomatopoeia is hard work. Usually omission or extra explanation happens in translating them. Therefore, Allah used a few onomatopoeias in His words.


, onomatopoeia, Qur’an, Arabic, Muslims
برای دانلود از شناسه و رمز عبور پرتال پویا استفاده کنید.

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