Caspian Journal of Applied Sciences Research, ( ISI ), Volume (2), No (6), Year (2013-7) , Pages (51-59)

Title : ( The survey of energy demand in Islamic countries by using of panel data )

Authors: Mohammad Reza Kohansal , amir dadrasmoghadam , seyed ali zamaninejad ,

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In this paper calorie demand of some Islamic countries is studied. Given the vast differences among Muslim countries by per capita income level of the first cluster using SPSS software analysts were divided into 5 groups. According to this matter, the countries such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Iran a lonely each groups were posited of first, second and third place. The three countries such as Jordan, Malaysia, Turkey and Egypt were posited in fourth group of 10 countries, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Pakistan, Niger, Nigeria, Morocco, Indonesia, Kambya, Cameroon were in fifth place. The pattern model of fourth and fifth countries is estimated as a panel. In first, fourth and fifth price index of consumer was positive and significant. Also, the coefficient of national impure produce in first, second, third and fifth group were positive and significant. According to the absolute values of the coefficient of variable of incoming the fifth groups with other countries have significant difference. Also, the coefficient on the price difference between Kuwait and other countries are significant. Except in the case of Saudi Arabia (Group II) in other countries this time around with the theoretical values is obtained. The increased income has a positive effect on per capita calorie consumption and the negative relationship between price index and caloric intake is observed. As expected, income elasticity is less than one in all countries and it is about annually per capita. The tension between the absolute numbers of countries, the difference is highly significant.


, energy demand, the Islamic countries, panels, consumer price index, per capita income
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