American Journal of Engineering Research, Volume (2), No (2), Year (2013-4) , Pages (9-21)

Title : ( Using of natural patterns in urban design &planning-Case study: Mashhad meddle area )

Authors: Mohammad Rahim Rahnama , samaneh sherkat , mohamad homaeefar ,

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Meddle area of Mashhad is important area due to gardens, macro land uses and open & green spaces. Using of natural adaptable patterns in order to promoting urban environmental quality. Also have been done comprehensive and master plans in order to improving quality. The purpose of research is improving urban environmental quality and creating relation between natural structure and spatial –physical structures. Research method is \\\"descriptive- analyzed\\\". The process of research is analyzing of some patterns such as: mosaic pattern, branch pattern and etc. on the other hand, has been tried, determination better factor for approaching sustainable city. Analyzing natural pattern is important for strengthening urban factors. The findings show, using from forms, physical structure, and natural shape create appropriate urban environment.


, natural models, branch pattern, background pattern, mosaic pattern, native city, west central area
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